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Sewer Line Inspection, Line Locator and Septic Tank Location Services

Sewer Line InspectionAddison Plumbing is pleased to announce new plumbing services to service our customers better. We have procured new top of the line inspect and locate plumbing equipment that will make locating your septic tank, sewer lines and other lines easily. With MyTana's new equipment, we can inspect inside your lines for possible trouble spots. For example: tree roots, line breaks, clogs from household items such as hair, kid's toys and more! Now you will be able to see your problem through our high quality camera feed.

Septic Tank Locator

We get a lot of calls concerning the location of people's septic tank. Septic tanks are under ground and can be hard to locate without a video line feed with location capability. Our top of the line video equipment can feed through the lines to locate the septic tank which we can mark above ground for any servicing you may need. Our septic tank location services can help with:

  • Septic tank clean out
  • Planting of trees in the septic field
  • Standing water or damp spots near the septic tank or drain field
  • More...

Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer lines can get clogged with household waste, tree roots or a multitude of things. With our video camera inspection services, we can locate the trouble spot and take care of your issue speedily and cost effectively! We can also visually inspect the inside of your pipes for all sorts of problems such as: line breaks, buildup, intrusions and just about anything that might adversely affect your sewer system. We also have the capability of recording the depth of pipes with our 512Hz transmitters! This can help if you ever have to dig up your pipes for repair or for septic tank field repairs.  Periodic maintenance can be achieved through our line inspection services.

Location of Water Lines and more!

We can locate water lines, utilities, cast iron pipes, PVC and more. Our mini camera system is great for inspecting sink lines along with other lines that are too small for conventional video camera systems. With our mini-cam we can inspect lines as small as 1 1/2" and up to 3". We can inspect up to 100 ft of lines and record our inspection so you can see the results for yourself.

Our main video camera system can inspect pipes up to 8" in diameter and can push/travel up to 200 ft on a self leveling system with full color camera for very realistic views inside your pipes. We can also record everything we see within your pipes along with a continuous depth reading which we can notate on the video itself. So, if you have need of a video line inspection, line location services or septic tank location services, we here at Addison Plumbing can help! We are just a call away.


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